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Great Lakes Gelatin Company’s Bone Collagen Hydrolysate is derived from Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised Beef Cattle Bone. Bone Broth has been around since ancient times and sought for its mineral and collagen content. The most important substances from bone are Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium.
About 65 percent of total bone mass is made from a substance called hydroxyapatite which provides strength but alone makes bones brittle. To prevent this, these minerals bind with collagen, a strong connective tissue, which adds flexibility to help bones absorb impact without breaking.
Normal daily activity damages bone and to keep them strong the body removes old bone replacing it with new. This process is slow, most bone is replaced every ten years. Collagen plays a very important part in maintaining healthy bones.

Studies of young, physically active athletes indicate when using 12g of Bone Collagen twice daily their knee pain was significantly reduced. This also requires less emphasis on additional therapies such as heat pads or ice packs. *
Athletes always play in pain. The objective is to play with decreased stiffness, minimal pain and to maintain the health of the joint. Collagen is known to help produce synovial fluids which provide the lubrication to joints. This is a significant part of pain reduction.

Bone Collagen has a therapeutic role in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, increasing bone mineral density. The effect is primarily providing systematic relief of pain. Although there is no consensus in the amount of Collagen Hydrolysate to be administered, daily doses equivalent to 12 g promoted a significant improvement in the symptoms of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in the knee or hip as blood concentration of hydroxyproline are increased.

Great Lakes believes there is a synergism of Bone Collagen to bone structure, creating density and flexibility which makes up the bone matrix. Bone Collagen extraction is similar to how bone is prepared for “Bone Broth” without the long term requirement of boiling bones. “Bone Broth” has been treasured by cultures around the world for generations.
Our Bone Collagen Hydrolysate protein from beef bone is packed with the nutrients that used to be a staple food until modern times. Discover the wisdom of this traditional remedy which is now in a convenient unflavored powder that you can add to your favorite soup, bouillon flavored broth or just add to your favorite drink. Bone Collagen provides the same benefits found when boiling bones for needless hours.
Bone Collagen provides essential nutrients during the extraction process. Benefits that can be achieved could relate to increased bone density. This is an important issue today with both men and women as they may suffer bone density loss as they become older.

Bone Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium and many more trace minerals naturally occurring in our bone extracted Collagen Hydrolysate.)
Collagen Hydrolysate has a positive therapeutic role in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis: potentially increasing bone mineral density, having a protective effect on articular cartilage and primarily providing symptomatic relief of pain.
Although there is no consensus in the amount of Collagen Hydrolysate to be administered, it was found that a dosage of 12g promoted a significant improvement in the symptoms of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

“Our data have demonstrated for the first time that bovine CP (Collagen Peptide) compounds not only increased osteoblast proliferation, but also appeared to have positive roles in osteoblast differentiation and mineralized bone matrix formation. From this point of view, we have probably provided a reasonable basis for the potential utility of bovine CP compounds in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.”

Bones are composed of minerals and protein. Nearly 60% of the weight of bones are minerals, mainly calcium and phosphate. The balance is moisture locked up by the most abundant protein in the body which is Collagen. Collagen provides the strength in flexibility to bones, tendons, & cartilage. Collagen is formed in a triple helical structure like braiding hair, which are bound together arranged in layers in which mineral crystals are deposited between layers.


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