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Oleavicin Botanical First Aid Spray .017 ounces




The Oleavicin Botanical Spray is the perfect addition to any first aid kit and any camping gear pack. It’s made for in-the-moment relief and treatment for all kinds of ailments and provides a totally natural and safe alternative. 



  • Works for minor cuts

  • Relieves small scrapes

  • Eases burns

  • Relieves pain

  • Prevents skin infection

  • Prevents bacterial contamination

The Oleavicin Botanical First Aid Spray provides fast, on-contact relief for all sorts of minor injuries to the skin. You can use it to relieve the itch of bug bits, clean small cuts, ensure that burns don’t get worse, and prevent scrapes from getting infected. Best of all, it works without introducing your body to any serious chemicals or non-natural compounds. 



  • Main ingredient: Olive leaf extract

  • Antiseptic

  • All natural

  • Made from organically grown ingredients

  • .017 Ounces