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Benefits of Olivfactor

Olives are one of the earth’s best offerings. They’re responsible for making martinis tasty, hors d'oeuvres plates full, snacks excellent, and cooking oil better in every way, shape, and form. Indeed, olive oil is full of nutrients and good, healthy fats that people everywhere seek out every time they start looking for a healthier alternative to vegetable oil. It’s true that the olive plant has offered so much to the human race, but what most people haven’t heard of is the benefits that can be derived from the leaves of the plants, rather than the delicious fruit it bears.

In fact, as a company that’s always looking for new and exciting ways to access promising natural health compounds in nature, Ameriden thought of pursuing the non-traditional benefits of the plant with more rigor early on. That’s how we came to develop Olivfactor, an olive leaf based supplement that is made unique through the extraction process we use to access the extract and how it has played a part in pharmaceutical journal recommendations since 1854.

However, that begs the question, just what is olive leaf extract and what are its direct benefits? Let’s take a look.

The Olive Leaf

Though many in the United States likely haven’t interacted with olive leaves very much, they’re a staple of the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean has been host to lots of long-living, healthy people that have promoted scientific research into just why they’re able to lead such full, happy, and long lives. What’s been concluded is that those effects can be largely attributed to the diet, which has shown lower rates of chronic illnesses in those who follow it as well as a lower rate of cancer-related deaths. Certain lines of research have indeed led to the proliferation of olive plant ingredients in the diet, specifically the olive leaf. Olive leaves provide a powerful health boost that derives from the concentrated selection of nutrients within the leaf. They’re powerful sources of antioxidants and those same nutrients are known for supporting your immune system to great effect. Indeed, the antioxidants present in olive leaves are capable of fighting cell damage, a direct precipitator of disease. These nutrients are understood to provide even more in the way of health benefits, beyond the prevention of cell damage.

The Science in The Health Benefits

Polyphenols are the specific type of antioxidant that is so prevalent in olive leaves. Scientists have conducted studies that detail how polyphenols work to change the effects of non-communicable diseases. You can learn more about that specific study, here. However, the larger takeaways remain that issues like cognitive decline, cancer, and osteoporosis can sometimes be prevented through the benefit of polyphenols.

The specific polyphenol that gains so much attention in the scientific community goes by the name “oleuropein.” Beyond its antioxidant capabilities, it’s also credited with an anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimicrobial effect as well. These benefits can directly affect these areas of your health:

Benefits of Olivfactor

Lower Diabetes Risk

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Weight Management

Boost Immune System Function

Lower Diabetes Risk

Your blood sugar is a health metric that most people don’t monitor unless they need to. However, it's the gauge that produces those hangry feelings and makes you drag if you haven’t had enough protein yet. If all that unpleasantness could be avoided, and you wouldn’t have to spend your day going from feeling fine to suppressing hunger-fueled rage, you could get more done. Luckily, oleuropein is linked to helping maintain even blood sugar levels and keeping that metric of health in a much safer range. Researchers found that this doesn’t just work for everyday individuals trying to keep their blood sugar levels in good shape, it can also help diabetics and those developing the disease. It’s also capable of reducing your body’s insulin resistance which is one of the largest risk factors for developing diabetes throughout your life.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

LDL, or bad cholesterol, is known for building up on the walls of your arteries and increasing your chance of heart disease. However, oleuropein is known for preventing LDL from building up, which in turn, helps increase the amount of blood flow you have through your body while lowering your blood pressure as well. This reduces your risk of heart disease and keeps your whole body happier and healthier. Olive leaf extract has also been found to help return heart rhythms to a more normal speed and to help solve arrhythmias. At this point, the research suggests this has only been performed on rats and further clinical studies are needed to prove one way or the other if the findings relate to humans, but it is a promising result nonetheless.

Weight Management

Alongside helping with your blood sugar, olive leaf extract is excellent for helping control your weight. There are more studies needed on human subjects, but it seems that olive leaf extract is actually capable of helping to prevent unwanted weight gain and decrease the risk of obesity. It’s been seen to lower body fat and weight gain in animals that are fed high-fat and cholesterol-based diets. It’s also been found to reduce and help manage appetite which could combat overeating habits.

Boost Immune System

Olive leaf extract is gifted with pretty remarkable antivirus properties as well as being a premium option to help prevent longer term illnesses. It has a history of being used in holistic medicine for a reason. It attacks viruses with ease, including viruses like herpes, mononucleosis (more commonly known as mono, or the kissing disease), as well as stomach bugs like the rotavirus (often a cause of diarrhea and vomiting). There’s even some evidence to suggest it might help protect against influenza and help those with diminished immune systems to gain back some of their defenses, like those with HIV. When you add its effects on viruses into its immune system boosts in regard to long term and chronic illness, it becomes a must-have around the house simply for that purpose. After all, if it’s making the folks in the Mediterranean live longer and happier lives, why can’t it help you do so too?

Struggling With Cold Sores?


Our supplement was specifically crafted to help you access all of the above health benefits through one simple supplement. You’ll be able to access the immune system support you need to combat current virus worries and long term health concerns. Additionally, our unique extraction system makes sure that all of the beneficial nutrients are preserved in the extract, ensuring that the supplement is especially effective.

You’ll be able to benefit from the phagocytosis dead material removal within your body as well as the extra biodelivery phase that ensures your body gains access to all of the nutrients available in the supplement. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve sourced out the best available ingredients to use in our supplements. We ensure that every single olive leaf is DNA tested to ensure they’re of the highest quality. Our supplement also features 20% active oleuropein, with 100 mg+ in every single capsule. And, you can rest easy knowing there are no allergens or GMO in our supplements. Shop our selection today!


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