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Reviews & Testimonials



 I have tried several Rhodiola products, but Rosavin is the first that has made the slightest difference. By the third day of taking only one capsule in the morning I felt a significant increase in my stamina (I have adrenal exhaustion). I continue to benefit from taking only one capsule a day.

   - Marina B.

  My wife had a stroke in July at the age of 36. She has been having some issues with memory and focus. We have seen major changes in her ability to focus since she started taking 1 capsule twice daily.

   - Michelle S.


 I have been using Rhodiola from Ameriden since 2007. I have tried other brands but they are not as effective for treating my mild depression. These are great.

  - Shawn B.


My primary care physician recommended two companies making quality Rhodiola supplements (Ameriden and Swedish Herbal Institute). The S.H.I. product made no difference whatsoever. I could feel the benefit of Rosavin in 3 days.

  -Mary D.


Taking product to try and improve memory. This is my second bottle and I do see an improvement in how quickly I can recall items from my memory and improvement in not forgetting where items are like keys.

  -Sherry B.


I was having some memory issues starting like having trouble coming up with the words I was trying to say and remembering what I was looking for when I would go into my pantry. Since starting the product I am finding it helping with these issues.

  -Kelly D.


 Rosavin Plus®

 I use Rosavin Plus to increase energy and combat fatigue, and it works. My doctor, an endocrinologist, recommended it to me a few years ago, as a supplement, when I was under stress and my thyroid wasn't functioning. I take one capsule twice daily, and if I run out, I notice a big difference. I make sure I have a supply on hand, because my mental acuity is better along with a greater overall calm energy.

 -Margie Z.


Rosavin Plus completely changed my life. I have much experience much less fatigue when I take it and I also find that it boosts my general mood.

 -Alex H.


I have been Taking Rosavin Plus for almost 6 months now. I cannot imagine NOT taking this amazing supplement because after taking a capsule first thing each morning I have the energy, focus, and enthusiasm to begin my day. I take an additional Rosavin Plus capsule about 1:30 in the afternoon (about an hr after eating) and find that my energy and enthusiasm carries me through the evening. I was concerned that by taking two capsules a day, my sleep would be negatively affected. Not at all. If anything, I sleep more soundly than before. In addition to how amazing the Rosavin Plus is, the customer service for Ameriden is excellent. The lady who answers the phone is courteous and knowledgeable. Highest recommendations for Rosavin Plus.

  - Patricia M.


I have had a problem with fatigue in the middle of the day. It's gone! This product (Rosavin Plus) takes care of the fatigue and if I do not want to take it there's no withdrawal. It works the same day.

  -Beth S.


I suffered with depression & fatigue for many years. I tried Prozac before, but it kept me awake during the night when I should be resting... I have been taking Rosavin Plus for a year now, and I've seen an enormous improvement in my condition.

  -Marcia C.


OlivFactor®/The Original Olive Leaf Extract®

 Switched to Ameriden a after reading the Olive Leaf Extract book where it was noted to be the very best supplement. I take it every day and have not had even a cold since. Love that it kills all viruses and that it is harvested while the leaves are still alive on the tree, not by using dead leaves that are a by product of harvesting the olives,

  - Karen H


I have been using Ameriden Olive Leaf Extract for many years whenever I feel like I'm coming down with a cold and I am usually able to either prevent the cold altogether or greatly diminish any symptoms. By that I mean I still feel the virus in me, but I have no sinus congestion and although my energy is somewhat diminished, I am able to carry on with work or other activities without a problem. I understand that the Roman soldiers used to chew olive leaves when they were attacked by a virus and it enabled them to keep on marching and fighting. This is what I feel olive leaf does for me! It is a great addition to my life. I use it in conjunction with extra vitamin C and zinc.

   - Pamela S.


I first started taking Ameriden's The Original Olive Leaf Extract in the fall of 2009. I have not had the flu or even a cold since then! (And I was working in a preschool for the first four years I was taking it--that's my hard science that it works!) There are very few products and services that I am confident enough to recommend wholeheartedly to family, friends, or even complete strangers. Ameriden's Olive Leaf Extract is one of them. I could buy other brands at my local health food store, but I believe that Ameriden's harvesting and manufacturing processes are the best at protecting the efficacy of the product. As one of the top habits I have to support my body's immune system, I take one of these every day without fail.

  - Cathy Y.


I love the olive leaf. It helps my digestion and assimilation of food/nutrients, and overall, boosts my entire system.

   - Jon M.



 My husband (80) and I (75) have been taking 1 or 2 ClearMind a day for a few months. We definitely see a difference in our memory and recall of words to be used. We will continue to buy as we see the advantage of a 'clearer mind'!

  - Nancy K.

 Started taking ClearMind with my wife in October. Overtime felt a consistent sharpness of mental acuity and a balanced state of mind without lulls or lows. Great job in formulating this product. Intending for ClearMind to continue being a valued adjunct to our supplement program.

   -Ken W.

 I purchased ClearMind after I heard glowing endorsements from Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg in their presentations that were broadcast on "Awakening from Alzheimer's." Dr. Gerbarg gave a great testimonial of using ClearMind and her husband, Dr. Brown, recommended Ameriden's rhodiola rosea above all other brands and noted that they received no financial compensation from Ameriden for endorsing their product. So I ordered some ClearMind for my mother who is experiencing cognitive decline and I believe that it has helped her greatly to calm her mind and help with short term memory. It seemed to provide cognitive benefits within the first bottle. My sister, who is a gerontologist, thought that our mother would have greater cognitive decline by now and is wonderfully impressed at how well Mom is doing. We will continue to use this product and are very thankful to Dr. Brown and Dr. Gerbarg for sharing the benefits of Ameriden's ClearMind.

   - Alexis S.

 EZ-Energy® Athletic Formula

 I immediately noticed a rejuvenated feeling, much more energy. I'm astounded regarding the results and how quickly the results were noticed. Love this product, as does my sister. This is now a must have for both of us.

  - Catherine W.


I ordered EZ energy and I received it the day before I was to ride in a dressage clinic with one of the great master's of my sport. I was concerned because I had not been feeling well and I had had a re injury to my elbow and I was just feeling weak. I broke the head off the radius of my elbow in 1984. The riding sessions are 40 minutes and I ride Grand Prix dressage and I ride a very large horse who can do everything but you have to be really fit and really determined to ride him. I took the EZ energy not knowing what to expect and my lessons were amazing. I never felt fatigue like I normally do in a lesson like this. I had the biggest break through ever and now I can ride him even better. EZ energy got me excited about the competition year coming up. It really helped put me back in the saddle again with the right energy and attitude to go out and do my very best. 

  - Suzan S.