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Weight Control

Stepped on the scale lately? According to the Gallup poll there was an increase of 35.7% in obesity in the U.S. from 2012 to 2013, its now 2014 and the number of over worked and over stressed adults continues to climb. Are you part of the statistic? Fifteen percent (15%) of all American adults use diet supplements to enhance their weight loss or maintain weight; however ineffectiveness abounds. Even Dr. Oz has pointed out that many of these weight loss supplements just don’t work.  Not all weight control products are safe & effective for everyone. They should be individualized.  Years ago Russian and Georgian researchers found two highly effective natural products to help solve the weight/stress issue; Rhododendron caucasicum (Alpine snow rose) and Russian Rhodiola rosea (Golden root). Both have been tested and found to be safe and effective in all case studies. Additionally you can combine these with other natural products classified as thermogenics; such as Green Coffee Bean to help increase weight loss.