Rhodiola Rosea and Reasons to Ride a Bike


Just as there are millions of great reasons to take Rhodiola Rosea supplements, there are just as many reasons to go out and ride a bike. Really, spring is here and you have no excuse not to go outside and indulge in some physical activity.

Lots of people ride their bikes for various reasons, you need to be out there as well. Ameriden gives you the following reasons you need to go outside and ride a bike today.


Ride for Your State of Mind

If there is anything on earth that will leave you distressed and exhausted, it’s having to sit at your workspace all day in front of a computer screen. After eight or nine hours of typing emails, answering phone calls and dealing with annoying co-workers, you leave work stressed and depleted of all happiness.

That is no way to end your workday as you then start your free time in a sour mood. You need to become more mindful of life and do things that make you happy.

Bike riding has been proven to be an excellent way to relieve stress. Regardless of whether you are pounding out a trail on your mountain bike or cruising long stretches of roads on your road bike, once your ride is over, you will feel energized, invigorated and relaxed. You will be happier with yourself and with the world. Being on a bike is just so much fun. The more time you spend on two wheels, the more difficult it is to take the world so seriously.

Ride to Stay Fit

Being fit means having a strong heart, ideal weight and tone muscles, all of which you can get if you hit the gym every day. This is, if hitting the gym is something you can do. Not everybody wants to put up with having to go to the gym and when you ride your bike, you don't have to.

Cycling is one of the best kinds of exercise for keeping fit and in good health, and you don't have to stand in line and wait for an open machine to do so. Bike riding allows you to raise your heart rate, burn calories and you bet it tones your muscles as well.

Best of all, when you go on a bike ride to stay fit, you aren't stuck in a stinky gym with people you don’t know sweating and staring at you. In fact, you will be out on a mountain trail or an open road soaking up the sun and enjoying fresh air and the sights nature has to offer.

Ride to Save Money

With the price of fuel going up, you can expect to spend more money each time you fill your gas tank. This is never anything fun. Your bike is powered by you, so you don't need gas for fuel.

Saving money by using your bike instead of your car whenever you can is a great idea that will put you in a good mood.

Ride to Save Our Environment

Car travel accounts for a good portion of greenhouse gas emissions. This is a figure that can be greatly reduced if only more people would ride their bike.

Really, it’s not like you need to sell off the car. By taking your bike for destinations that are close by can make a huge difference in traffic pollution.

In addition, the resources it takes to make a bike pales in comparison to the resources used to make an entire car.

Ride to Boost Your Immune System

Studies show that people who bike at least three times a week take fewer sick days than those who don’t. We don’t know about you, but if riding a bike helps us avoid colds and the flu, we are ready to roll.

Ride to Look Younger

Increased circulation through exercise delivers nutrients and oxygen to skin cells more effectively and it flushes out harmful toxins as well. Exercise also creates an ideal environment for collagen production, which diminishes wrinkles and speeds up the healing process.

Bike riding, in addition to taking health supplements from Ameriden, is a great way to stay fit and to have fun. 

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