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Mental Wellness

Have you noticed that mental clarity & focus decrease as we age and fatigue increases? Good nutrition is essential to good brain function and overall wellness. A healthy diet for mental wellness should include lean protein, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil. Most people do not get all the nutrients they need through their food so supplementation can boost support or help correct brain function in all areas.  The adaptogen Rhodiola rosea helps to normalize or balance neurotransmitters forcing the body to deal with emotional and mental stressors, hence the name: adapt-o-gen.  The balancing of dopamine and acetylcholine normalizes several neurological issues and helps check cortisol which is great for weight control. Prominent doctors, such as Dr. Amens, also recommend taking a daily multivitamin & mineral brain supplements along with fish oil and vitamin D to help minimize the effects of aging.