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Joint Health

Are your joints achy? The older we get, the more common mild soreness or aching occurs as we stand, climb stairs, or exercise. That’s because the materials that make up our joints wear out over time. As a result, recovery from pain and soreness does not happen as quickly as when we were younger.  Planning ahead to keep your joints as healthy as possible is a smart move and will save a lot of time away from the doctor’s office.  For joint health it’s highly recommended that you stay as physically active as possible, increase your water intake daily and eat the foods that promote healthy cartilage.  Most will find that at some point in life they will do much better using joint supplements specifically targeted to help strengthen, lubricate and or reduce joint pain & swelling naturally. Products that contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin and or Hyaluronic acid are helpful in relieving swelling and help in repairing tissue, but if you’re prone to gout, products like SRC and The Original Olive Leaf Extract can help to reduce or eliminate those uric acid crystals that are associated with this type of joint pain.