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Physical Health/Stamina

When it comes to physical stamina, who couldn’t use a little more? Thankfully, we can take a lesson from the Georgians who for hundreds of years gifted their young married couples with Rhodiola rosea ensuring fertility and better love drive.  Even today Siberian & Georgian doctors prescribe Rhodiola rosea extract to improve physical stamina & function. Recently one study of 35 men low physical stamina had a 75% improvement in just three months using only 100mgs a day. Since 1998, doctors in the U.S. have found that their patients who use Rhodiola rosea are far more satisfied and have deeper intimacy than without it.  This is great news for a natural substance. With products such as Rosavin, Rosavin Plus, ClearMind or EZ Energy you too can experience what was once known only to the Eastern block nations. Backed by more than 50 years of clinical studies Ameriden’s purified Russian Rhodiola rosea products are safe and effective natural remedies for better physical stamina.