Rhodiola Rosea and the Benefits of Becoming a Vegetarian


Becoming a vegetarian is a huge decision. Actually, it is a life-changing. Adopting a vegetarian diet can be a fantastic entry into a more healthy lifestyle. A vegetarian diet is associated with a higher consumption or unsaturated fat, folic acid, fiber and vitamins C and E. As a result, vegetarians often are thinner, have lower levels of cholesterol, lower blood pressure and have a reduced risk of heart disease.

While this is a very good reason to consider becoming a vegetarian, it is far from the only one. In fact, there are several reasons why it makes sense to adopt a vegetarian diet.

A vegetarian diet does not include meat, but there are different types of vegetarians. For example, a diet that includes seafood is called a pescatarian diet, which is a branch of vegetarianism.

It is not necessary to eat meat in order to get all of the nutrients your body needs for good health. Like always, everything gets denied from the start until a professional says it’s okay. Doctors used to deny there was any benefit in a vegetarian diet. But recent studies show that overall health of a person could be better if they follow a vegetarian diet.

But that doesn't mean people aren’t still skeptical. Ameriden, your source for Rhodiola Rosea, offers you the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Lower Body Weight

There are studies that show vegetarians, vegans and pescetarians have a lower body mass index (BMI) than their meat-eating counterparts.

A vegetarian diet helps combat obesity. One reason why vegetarians have a lower weight can be attributed to a higher intake of fiber and a lower intake of animal protein. A vegetarian relies heavily on fruits, grains, vegetables and nuts, all options that have very low amounts of fats. Except for nuts of course, but they are a good source of fat.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Most vegetarians have lower levels of bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure. These are critical factors that lead to better cardiovascular health. The wealth of fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals present in fruits and vegetables aid in better heart health.

Controls Diabetes

A vegetarian diet consists of plant-derived foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and low in fats. And as many of you should know, these are factors that contribute to controlling diabetes.

A vegetarian diet can even assist in reducing the need for insulin for those who suffer diabetes.

Healthy Bones

Vegetarians tend to eat a lot of leafy vegetables, which happens to be high in vitamin K. And vitamin K just happens to contribute significantly to bone health.

In addition, essential nutrients like magnesium and potassium also contribute to bone health. These nutrients are found in high concentrations in fruits, vegetables and soy products, which happen to be staples of vegetarian diets.

It’s Good for the Planet

Plant-based diets use far fewer natural resources. One study shows that vegetarians are responsible for 22 percent less greenhouse gas emissions.

There are studies that report it requires 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. The same study also concludes that it only takes 250 gallons of water to produce a pound of soy and 25 gallons of water to produce a pound of wheat.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Studies show that a vegetarian diet may have protective benefits from cancer. Vagans had the lowest risk for cancers, especially cancers most common in women. Like breast cancer, for example.

Better Moods

A study conducted in 2012 randomly split participants into three diets: all-meat allowed, fish-only and vegetarian. Researchers found that after just two weeks, those who consumed a vegetarian diet reported mood improvement.

Live Longer

There are studies that conclude vegetarians will outlive their meat-eating friends. One reason is that vegetarians rely heavily on plant-based foods that aren't processed. A vegetarian has less harmful toxins and chemical buildup in their bodies.

A vegetarian can expect to live three to six years longer than a meat eater.

Ameriden is dedicated to offering only those products that contain unblemished botanicals sourced from around the globe, never compromising purity or potency. Protecting our environmental resources and developing effective products that provide unparalleled health and longevity is paramount to us. Contact us with questions.

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