​Women's Supplements and Reasons Diets Don't Work


It’s no secret that Americans have a weight problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our obesity rate is at nearly 40%, affecting millions of Americans. If you are thinking about ways you can lose weight, your first action might be to try a diet.

Here is the thing; studies and experts agree that many diets don’t work. You may be one of the millions of Americans who have tried a diet, or several diets, only to fail. It’s not your fault, diets come and go and most of them set you up to fail.

Ameriden, your source for women’s supplements, offers the reasons why diets don’t work.


Diets Don’t Address the Reasons Why You Gain Weight

There are reasons why you keep gaining weight and you will only lose weight when you figure it out. Your eating habits are out of control and you need to discover what has you locked into this destructive habit.

You could be eating for emotional reasons, maybe you feel safer at a heavier weight or perhaps you come from a family with poor eating habits. In order to lose weight, you need to address the reason why you are overweight.

Focusing on the Future

The majority of diets are very short-sighted. They only focus on the immediate future instead of the rest of your life. It is easy to start a diet thinking that avoiding your favorite foods will be doable. But once you start, all of that becomes quite different.

Suddenly, you can’t see yourself going for the rest of your life without eating pizza or ice cream. Diets aren’t meant to be followed forever, that would be quite boring. You need a lifetime plan to lose weight and keep it off.

Diets Deprive

Diets are full of restrictions, rules and things you can’t have. This is a bad idea and you probably already know why. If you are stuck in a situation that makes you feel deprived, you will eventually break. And when you do, you will go on an eating binge.

Diets Reduce Too Many Calories

There are a lot of diets that require you to decrease your calorie intake to an unhealthy degree. And people who are motivated to lose weight might lower their calorie intake even more. You might lose weight while you are basically starving yourself, but you will gain it back when you start eating normal again.

Diets and Unhealthy Foods

A liquid shake or protein bar in place of a meal is never a good idea. You are hungry, so you whip up a shake. How long can you go on drinking a shake for lunch every day?

Not only are these products tasteless, but they also have no real nutritional value. Many of them are also filled with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Weight Loss, Not Good Health

Diets encourage you to restrict your calorie intake, which can mean eliminating whole groups of food. But when you go back to your normal diet, you gain the weight back.

You need to change your mindset and eat healthy foods in moderation and avoid bad foods. What you need is a lifestyle change and not a diet.

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