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Fatigue is often the result of being over stressed & over worked. Moms & dads especially need relief and if not quickly obtained they usually experience the negative outcome such as weight gain, emotional problems and other disorders.  It’s not always possible to remove yourself from the cause of your fatigue, but you can enhance your ability to deal with it through supplementation. Russian/Siberian Rhodiola rosea “Rosavin” has clinically shown to dramatically reduce stress hormones and increase energy for those experiencing fatigue.  Rhodiola rosea is an adaptogen which forces the body to deal with emotional and mental stressors yet has minimal side effects. Better stated; it has many side benefits such as hormonal balance, reduction of cortisol & mood swings and enhances mental acuity. Products containing Russian Rhodiola rosea are: Rosavin™, Rosavin Plus®, ClearMind®, and EZ Energy®