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​Online Health Supplements and Winter Activities

​Online Health Supplements and Winter Activities

25th Jan 2018

When you were a child, you would go crazy being all cooped up in the house in the winter and would use any excuse to go outside. After all, sledding, building a snowman or having a snowball fight was so much better than reading a book or watching television inside.

As an adult, you dream about staying indoors in the winter and reading a book or binge-watching television shows on Netflix. But that really isn't healthy, is it?

You want to go outside and engage in some activities, but seem to lack the gumption. You feel tired and worn out and would rather wrap yourself up like a burrito and zone out on the couch.

If you wish you had more energy to go outside and enjoy the winter, Ameriden can help. We offer EZ Energy®, an online health supplement that can help increase endurance and enhance athletic performance.

Now that you have the energy to go outside and enjoy life, here are a few winter activities you need to try.

Ice Sailing

The name gives it away. Basically, ice sailing is sailing across a frozen body of water. If you have the money to buy the ice sailing boat, it is a thrill and very addicting. The ice sailing boat is fit with runners, which glide across the frozen at incredible speeds.

This activity does take some skill and can be dangerous, so make sure you train properly before hitting the lake and use safety equipment.

Igloo Building

If you love the snow and love to build things and think snowmen are boring, then you will want to build an igloo this winter. If you live in a part of the country where there is plenty of snow on the ground, check out this website for a handy guide on how igloos work and how you can build one in your backyard.

Shovel Racing and Wok Racing

If skiing or sledding just isn’t exciting enough for you, then travel at high rates of speed down a snow-covered hill on a shovel or wok.

That’s right, this is a real thing people do in the winter. All you need is a shovel or wok, a helmet, a snow-covered hill and some crazy friends willing to race you.

MInd you, you must take these activities seriously and use caution as you can work up to some pretty impressive speeds.

Ice Blocking

If you have a hill and the desire to glide down it but no snow, then try ice blocking. Ice blocking is a straightforward sport in which you glide down a grassy hill on a large block of ice.

Your ice block will last longer if there is frost on the ground and it will also help you go faster.

Snow Kayaking

There is nothing in the rulebooks that say you need a rushing river to go kayaking. Snow kayaking is for those adventurous types who wish to glide down the side of a mountain in a kayak. Don’t forget the paddles so you can steer.

Polar Bear Swims

If you have a high tolerance for the cold and are a bit masochistic in nature, then, by all means, strip down to your tighty-whities, chonies, skivvies or whatever slang term you use for underwear and dive into the icy waters of a frozen over lake.


The Winter Olympics are just around the corner and curling is one of the events. Believe it or not, there are many curling clubs all over the country and they would be more than pleased if you were to take up this sport.

It is difficult to describe curling, it is sort of a cross between bowling, sweeping and pool, only it is played on ice. Think of it as a game of shuffleboard on a grand scale.

Traditional Sports

Of course, none of these activities may pique your interest, but you can always rely on the traditional winter sports to keep you busy.

So get off that couch, place an order at Ameriden and go outside and do some skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or play some hockey. It is great for your health and it will keep you from getting bored.