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Rhodiola Rosea and the Reasons to Take Supplements

6th Nov 2018

If you are considering taking health supplements, you should first garner an understanding of what a health supplement is. Basically, it is defined as something that enhances or completes something else when added to it.

When thinking in terms of health supplements, they are meant to enhance your health. People who already take health supplements, like Rhodiola Rosea from Ameriden, say they love the extra energy they have. They love all of the other benefits as well.

Still, many people question the importance of taking supplements at all. Here are just a few reasons to consider adding supplements to your diet.

Environmental Toxins on the Rise

Herbicides and pesticides that are currently being used to treat conventionally raised foods have been linked to heart disease, cancer and many other diseases and disorders. If you take a look at this logically, it makes total sense. If a chemical can injure and kill insects, then it can most certainly harm a human.

Chemicals can also change the nutrient composition of the foods we eat. Foods treated with chemicals tend to be lower in nutrients. So it is important that you take supplements to restore what you lose by eating these nutrient-robbed foods.

Our Diets Are Poor

The standard American diet is all about fast foods and packaged foods. The processes that much of our food goes through before we consume it removes many of the essential fats and nutrients. For example, the homogenization and pasteurization of dairy products, like milk, removes the stuff that your body needs.

Health supplements are a great way to ensure you are getting these nutrients that are lost in food processing.

Toxins, Toxins Everywhere!

You might not want to hear this, but you are exposed to toxins every day of your life. There are cleaning products you use and personal care products that you use that are loaded with toxins that attack your body.

This constant exposure to toxins forces your body and liver to work extra hard. During your body’s detox mode, you use more nutrients. Supplements help replace the nutrients you use to detox your body from the toxins you are exposed to.

Depleted Nutrients In Our Soil

Since the advent of modern agricultural methods, soil quality has been steadily declining. The process we use to grow food causes the rapid turnover of soil and a significant decrease in healthy minerals, microbes and vitamins.

And you also need to consider that the animals that eat the plants that are low in nutrients are being fed to us. Double whammy.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues caused by medications and food allergies can result in decreased stomach enzymes, which leads to improper nutrient absorption and utilization. A good reason to take health supplements.

Too Much Stress

We live our lives as best as possible, yet there is just no way to avoid stress. Stress negatively affects all of your body’s systems, especially the digestive system.

When something stresses you out, your body goes into fight or flight mode and your digestion comes to a standstill. Chronic stress rapidly depletes vitamin B and causes low levels of energy.

Alcohol Is Toxic

Alcohol is a toxin that robs your body of nutrients. While that glass of wine or Harvey Wallbanger might help you calm down and de-stress, it has also depleted your body of needed nutrients.

If you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or White Russian, then taking health supplements is probably a good idea.


There are certain medications that can interfere with nutrient intake and absorption.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons you should be taking health supplements, like Rhodiola Rosea from Ameriden. Check out our supplements today.