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​Women's Health Supplements and Healthy Living

​Women's Health Supplements and Healthy Living

15th Aug 2019

Many of you out there might think you live a relatively healthy lifestyle. You do a pretty good job eating healthy foods. You tend to slip up around the holiday season and occasionally find yourself in the drive-through at some fast food joint, but you quickly recover from these mistakes and move on.

But according to research, very few adults meet the stringent criteria for a healthy lifestyle. To be more precise, only about 3% of the adult population in the United States gets a perfect score when it comes to what the experts call the criteria for healthy living.

But there is good news. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved rather easily if you are ready to put forth the effort. Ameriden International, your source for women’s health supplements, offers ways in which you can become a healthier person.

Good Company

You can eat healthy food, hit the gym several times a week and get the sleep you need, but the healthiest of people you meet have relationships with other healthy people.

If you have friends and family members who lead healthy lives, it brings you all closer together and motivates you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Manage Mental Health

When you are trying to lead a healthy life, it is all too easy to focus only on the physical aspect. You need to keep in mind that mental health is just as important as physical health.

It is important that you assess and manage your feelings from day to day. If you become a negative person, you will wind up unhappy and that certainly isn’t healthy.

Take a Vacation

Vacations are fun, we all know this. What you might not know is that they are healthy for you as well. There are several benefits in taking a vacation. In addition to making you more productive at work and boosting your wellness, a vacation can cut your risk of depression and boost mental health.

People who take regular vacations also enjoy a decreased risk of a heart attack.


Exercise helps keep your heart and lungs working efficiently. Exercise also reduces the risk of a host of conditions and illnesses.

Eat Your Carrots

You should be consuming at least five servings of vegetables each day. Raw, steamed or stir-fried, it doesn’t matter how you prepare them just as long as you eat them. A diet high in vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of all sorts of cancers.


There is no way you can avoid all stress in your life. But you should be doing your best to cope with the stress you have in your life. There are plenty of coping strategies you can enjoy including yoga, aerobic exercise and meditation.

Sleep Well

If you are getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night, you are hitting that sweet spot. People who get enough sleep at night enjoy several benefits including a lower risk of diabetes, lower risk of a heart attack and a lower risk of a stroke.

Follow these tips and purchase health supplements from Ameriden and become a happier, healthier you.