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Before Ameriden International, Inc. was formed, the founder and CEO, Richard Hall, was active in the Nursery & Landscape trades for over 30 years. Due to his extensive botanical knowledge, his company was contracted to harvest and process olive leaf for the first commercially produced olive leaf extract in the USA in 1990. It quickly became obvious that people were looking for effective alternatives and Ameriden International, Inc. was born to meet that demand.

Richard met a brilliant Russian scientist in 1994, Dr. Zakir Ramazanov. He introduced the Siberian Rhodiola rosea to Richard. From this meeting came Ameriden’s Rhodiola rosea products, Rosavin, Rosavin Plus, ClearMind & EZ Energy. Today Ameriden is still the only company to manufacture the Water only extracted & Freeze dried pure Siberian Rhodiola rosea as produced by Dr. Ramazanov’ s company.