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 Need a way to target your immune system and strengthen it through natural methods? The Immuni-Team package is the perfect way to target your immune system and reap the benefits of a stronger body that’s more resilient than ever before.


  • BetaFactor 

  • Olivfactor 

  • ClearMind 

Each product in this package targets a different part of your immune system’s defenses.

The BetaFactor is a powerful & safe immune booster & is capable of doubling the strength of your immune system within only 36 hours of beginning the supplement regimen. OlivFactor, the Original Olive Leaf Extract, is crafted with our patented extraction method. This preserves the antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties within the olive leaf while removing the pathogens the compound might carry. This supplement helps to clean and settle the immune system. It promotes a better access to oxygen in your system that helps you breathe better than ever before. ClearMind (w/our Rhodiola rosea) is an “adaptogenetic” compound. Adaptogens work in the neurotransmitters of your brain and can help greatly diminish mental and emotional stress along with anxiety. It is specifically known for reducing mental fog, enhancing energy and promoting creativity. The stress relief nature of this supplement aids the immune system and greatly limits the malicious effects of stress. 



  • 120 Capsules of BetaFactor

  • 90 Capsules of OlivFactor

  • 60 Capsules of ClearMind