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VIBAN Ultimate Cold & Flu Formula




Ultimate Cold & Flu Formula       In Stock Now

This formula is a Powerful & Revolutionary combination of natural extracts which address the science surrounding the latest discoveries causing health issues we have never before seen in this century. It is essential for you to have an alternative healthcare plan to help revive your immune system and check the multiple issues presented by the new superbugs as they arrive. We believe VIBAN may help you accomplish your plan.

What is Viban?

Viban is a unique 100% natural herbal combination containing OlivFactor/Original Olive Leaf Extract® along with four other components which help squash most symptoms associated with many of the current virus strains.

Why you should use Viban?

         Experts tell us that we can expect a new strain of the flu (influenza) bug about every two years and antibiotic drugs that work today may not work in the future. They do not kill viruses, but bacteria. The incorrect and overuse of these antibiotics can also lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Vaccines may not work for some people as well because of a weakened immune system and many cannot take them due to serious allergic reactions. You may still get sick even with a vaccine, although this is rare.

         Viban does not create resistant strains of bacteria and does not build up in the body to create a need for larger amounts later. Viban strengthens your immune system “helping it to help itself” fight off unwanted invaders.

What Does Viban do?

         Viban’s unique herbal blend has been shown to decrease the symptoms associated with the Flu and Colds such as headaches, congestion, and fluid build-up. It also works to eradicate the cause of the problem.