​Men's Health Supplements and Napping Smarter


As a nation, the United States is becoming more and more sleep deprived. It could be our busy lifestyles that keep us from getting the amount of sleep we need. And while naps don’t necessarily make up for the poor or inadequate sleep we get at night, a short nap during the day can help improve alertness, mood and performance.

If you are already into napping, you have something in common with Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. Like you, these famous personalities were known to enjoy an afternoon nap.

If you are dragging the first day of work after the holidays, think twice before loading up on caffeine. Taking a short nap at lunch is a more effective way to get that mental boost. But not all naps are equal. Ameriden, your source for men’s health supplements, offers tips for maximizing your naptime.

Give Yourself A Limit

Afternoon naps should be limited to no longer than 30 minutes. That is the amount of time needed to rest without entering deep sleep.

If you sleep longer than 30 minutes, you run the risk of entering deep sleep and waking up feeling worse than when you did before your nap.

Find Comfort

Some people can fall asleep just about anywhere, just ask the guy who nods off at his desk. But others need to find a place that is quiet and comfortable to take a nap. Since you are looking to only sleep about 20 or 30 minutes, sleeping while partially upright is recommended. If you are lying down, you are far more likely to fall into a deeper sleep.

Find The Right Time

Research shows that the best time to take a nap is in the early afternoon, this is when your body’s circadian rhythms make us most likely to feel sleepy.

If you wait too long to take your nap, you risk making it more difficult for you to get to sleep at your normal bedtime.

Wake-Up Call

If you are worried that you might sleep too long, set an alarm on your smartphone. It can be hard to fall asleep if you are worried that your 20-minute nap will be drawn out to an hour. Setting an alarm takes the pressure off.

Try A Nappuccino

Research has shown that a caffeinated beverage just before a quick nap is better than just a nap or just a cup of coffee. It takes about 20 minutes for caffeine to kick in, so drinking a cup of coffee right before your nap means that it hits you as you wake up.

Zen Time

There are people who try napping, but their minds are racing and they can't seem to settle down. If you can’t get relaxed enough to nap, try calming yourself down with meditation. Breathing techniques and visualizations are just what you need to get settled in for a nap.

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