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​Online Health Supplements Can Help With Anxiety and Stress

27th Feb 2018

You might not realize it, but the symptoms of stress could be negatively affecting your health. You might blame those headaches you get on something else, but stress could be the culprit.

Stress symptoms not only affect your body, but they can affect your thoughts, feelings and even your behavior. This is why it is important that you find ways to deal with your stress and anxiety. For example, get plenty of exercise, meditate and take online supplements, like Rosavin, from Ameriden.

Here are some ways that stress affects you.

Stress Destroys Your Sleep

You don’t need a professional to tell you that stress in your life will tank your sleep quality. You can get in a vicious cycle that includes not able to quickly fall asleep at night and staying asleep for the duration.

Many people find it all too difficult to just shut off the anxieties and worries they have at night, so it keeps them awake.

The really scary part about sleep deprivation is that it is linked to obesity, heart problems and even diabetes.

Stress Can Make You Sick

There are several studies that back the idea that stress might make it more likely you will catch a cold. In one study, adults were quizzed on their levels of stress and then given the rhinovirus (common cold) via nose drops. Those who reported that they were stressed were twice as likely to catch a cold.

Stress Triggers Depression

There is clearly a very strong link between stress and depression. There are a great number of factors that contribute to depression, but stress certainly is one of them.

Stress Can Wreak Havoc on Your Digestive System

That feeling you get when you have to give a presentation to a group of people from upper management is what it feels like to suffer stress pain. In addition to getting sweating palms and a case of the shakes, you feel like throwing up.

When you are too stressed out, you will begin to feel like this all of the time. Stress may cause the same symptoms suffered by those with inflammatory bowel disease.

Stress is Hard on the Heart

Long-term stress can negatively affect your heart health. Although we aren't sure why, we do know that long-term stress raises the risk for such problems like heart disease.

Stress Causes Skin Problems

If you are struggling with breakouts of acne, it could be related to the amount of stress you suffer. Research has identified a number of skin conditions, acne for one, that can be caused by stress.

The list of skin problems that can be caused by stress includes rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.

Stress Messes With Your Hormones

During bouts of chronic stress, women’s menstruation can be suppressed and may even stop altogether. If you are planning on starting a family, being stressed out doesn't help you become more fertile.

Men aren't immune from the mess that stress causes. Men who have high-stress levels often see a decline in sperm count.

Stress Can Make You Lazy

When some people get stressed out, they don't feel like doing their normal routine. All they think about is getting home and flopping on the couch. This means that they will skip trips to the gym and stop taking walks and riding their bike. They shut down completely and don't want to do anything.

Many people who suffer stress also tend to eat more, and make poor choices when it comes to food. This, in addition to exercising less, leads to added weight, which probably stresses people out even more.

Stress Causes Body Aches

The muscles in your body will tighten up and get tense when you are stressed, this is to protect them from injury. When you relax, they loosen up. But when you are suffering chronic stress, your muscles stay tense and this may cause back and shoulder pain, headaches and other body aches.

In the long run, this can be harmful because people tend to stop exercising if they are always in pain and instead turn to medications to relieve the pain.

As you can see, chronic stress can be a big problem. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, seek professional help and introduce health supplements from Ameriden into your diet.