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Online Health Supplements:  Improve Your Sleep By Removing Mobile Devices From Your Bedroom

Online Health Supplements: Improve Your Sleep By Removing Mobile Devices From Your Bedroom

Posted by Ameriden International on 22nd Aug 2017

Do you find yourself having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night? Believe it or not, your mobile devices could be contributing to the problem or they could even be the source of the problem altogether. In fact, it’s recommended not to look at any screens before bedtime, which includes TVs, laptops, tablets, and, yes, even your cell phone. You can still have your cell phone nearby without looking at it, right? The fact of the matter is that even keeping your cell phone close by provides you with the temptation to check your emails one more time, look at the latest Instagram post or view the next day’s weather forecast. Stop it already by eliminating your smartphone from the bedroom entirely. Keep reading to find out why:

Blue Light

Every time you look at the blue light emitting from your phone screen, you are confusing your body into thinking that it’s daytime. Blue lights also interfere with the body’s ability to produce melatonin, the hormone that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. If your body isn’t producing sufficient amounts of melatonin, you could constantly wake up throughout the night or experience difficulty falling asleep in the first place.


Every notification you receive on your phone, including notifications from social media, emails, and texts, contribute to your stress levels. Think about it: all of these notifications are designed for you to respond to the needs of others. These stressors could prevent you from sleeping soundly through the night, which could also affect your work productivity the following day.

It Might Be Good For Your Health

With the existence of smartphones and other mobile devices only a few years old, we do not fully understand the dangers the electromagnetic radiation emitting from these devices. However, the National Cancer Institute has concluded that our body tissues can absorb this particular type of radiation. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer discovered that radiation exposure could possibly be carcinogenic when your phone is located close to your body. In order to minimize your risk of exposure to toxins, keep your phone out of your bedroom and away from your body as you sleep.

Better Communication with Your Loved One

If you live with a spouse or a partner, sharing quality time before lights out strengthens your relationship. Oftentimes, intimate conversations tend to take place in the privacy and comfort of your bedroom. Furthermore, by creating a safe space for intimacy without the looming presence of mobile devices, you may discover that you and your partner experience higher levels of other types of intimate activities as well.

Better Sleep

By keeping your phone out of your bedroom, you will feel much more relaxed as you wind down before bedtime. Simply put, your overall health dramatically improves when you sleep well throughout the night. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, simply purchase a real alarm clock instead, which are easily available.

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