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Online Health Supplements: Stressed Out Americans

Online Health Supplements: Stressed Out Americans

Posted by Ameriden International on 7th Aug 2017

According to a report published in the Psychiatric Services Journal, an estimated 8.3 million Americans suffer from extreme psychological stress. Millennials are plagued with student loan debt while older generations are concerned with their retirement funds. For those making less than $50,000 a year, their stress levels were higher than those making $50,000 or more. For over ten years, the American Psychological Association has surveyed the stress levels of Americans, which have increased. Here are some of the reasons that Americans are so stressed out:

The Political Climate

The contentious, toxic presidential campaign of 2016 stressed out both Democrats and Republicans alike. About two-thirds of the survey respondents report feeling anxiety about the future of our nation while almost half of the respondents feel stressed about the election outcome.

Work Climate

America’s “work hard, play hard” philosophy seems to be doing favors for no one. Often, one of the first things an American asks a new person is what they do for a living. Many people tie their identities with what they do for a living. According to the Paychex Work study, on a scale of one to five (one being not stressed and five being the most stressed), over 40 percent of full-time workers surveyed felt level three stress levels. The type of industry that you work plays a role in your stress levels as well. This survey concluded that the industry with the most stressed employees was the marketing and advertising industry, which reported feeling stressed and average of 3.84 days per week.

Access to Mental Health Care

In 2007, the Great Recession hit the United States, causing economic and emotional upheaval. During this time, a significant number of people lost their jobs, and consequently their health insurance. People losing their jobs had no access to psychologists and could not afford their prescription medications but felt anxiety and depression. After the recession, even people with health insurance coverage could not always afford psychological care. In 2014, about ten percent of people experiencing psychological distress could not afford to pay for their mental health care, according to CBS News. Some insurance policies may not provide the necessary mental health care coverage that more stressed employees need.

The Constant Presence of Technology

With technology more mobile than ever, people are constantly connected to their phones the entire day. Employees can check their work emails from the comfort of their own homes, but is that a good thing? Establishing a healthy work/life balance in a culture of overwork can be quite difficult for many workers. Perhaps the solution is for people to put all their mobile devices away for extended periods of time after work or on the weekends.

With so many Americans feeling chronic stress and anxiety, it’s important to take charge of your personal health and establish a solid self-care practice. If you are interested in online health supplements, look into our rhodiola rosea supplement, Rosavin® and Rosavin Plus®. Check out our other supplements at our health supplement store, Ameriden International.