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Online Health Supplements:The Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Online Health Supplements:The Health Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract

Posted by Ameriden International on 16th Nov 2016

For years we’ve heard about the healing properties of olive oil, which many consider to be a healthy fat. High in antioxidants, some of the benefits of olive oils include lowering blood pressure, improving blood sugar, and reducing inflammation. Were you aware of the healing properties of the olive leaf itself? The polyphenol present in both olive oil and olive leafs is oleuropein, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, oleuropein helps boost the immune system, prevent cancer, and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Today, we would like to explore some of the health benefits of olive leaf extract.

Olive Leaf Extract Lowers Blood Pressure

Not only does olive leaf extract help to lower blood pressure, but it also helps to prevent elevated blood pressure from occurring in the first place. The oleuropein in olive leaf extract helps to promote the widening of blood vessels by decreasing the tension found in the walls of blood vessels. If you are currently on blood pressure medication, please consult with your doctor before using supplements.

Olive Leaf Extract Is Good For Your Arteries

Another way to maintain a healthy heart is to take care of your arteries. When the endothelial cells that line the arterial walls are not functioning correctly, plaque can begin to build up upon the arterial walls. Plaque builds up can prevent blood flow and even result in a heart attack or a stroke. Olive leaf extract helps to produce nitric oxide, which assists in relaxing blood vessels and maintaining proper endothelial function. Additionally, the polyphenols in olive leaf extract helps prevent arterial plaque from developing in the first place. The polyphenols prevent molecules from adhering to arterial walls and they help prevent platelets from clumping inside of arterial walls and forming clots.

Olive Leaf Extract Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

The polyphenols found in olive leaf extract helps the body to delay the production of sugar and suppresses the elevation of b

lood sucrose. Olive leaf extract could make an excellent supplement for anyone with blood sugar issues.

Olive Leaf Extract Helps Reduce the Risk of Cancer

By helping to stop the angiogenic process that catalyzes the growth of tumors, olive leaf extract can help to prevent the formation of cancer. The strong antioxidant properties in olive leaf extract do not just prevent cancer but they help to slow the growth of cancer cells as well.

Natural Arthritis Treatment

The main characteristic of arthritis is the inflammation of the joints, which is a painful condition. The anti-inflammatory properties in oleuropein help reduce the inflammation that causes joints to swell. Additionally, by reducing the inflammation associated with arthritis, olive leaf extract also reduces the pain associated with this condition.

Improves Immune System and Fights Infection

Olive leaf extract includes powerful antimicrobial properties, which helps to kill bacteria and fungi. Not only can olive leaf extract help fight infections, but it also helps to prevent colds and viruses as well.

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