​Rhodiola Rosea and Boosting Your Brain


Many people are preoccupied with eating right, maintaining a healthy weight and getting plenty of sleep. But what many lack is mental fitness. The best way to boost independence and longevity is by exercising the mind.

Maintaining a sharp brain relies on a few factors including nutrition, sleep and physical activity. All of these factors play into how well your brain functions as you age. To keep mentally fit as you age, it is all about the activities you do every day.

Don’t look at keeping your brain fit as a chore, think about it as something you do every day that is fun and easy. Ameriden, your source for Rhodiola Rosea, offers ways in which you can sharpen your brain.

Get A Hobby

A creative brain is a healthy brain. Investing some time in an artistic activity improves mental concentration. One particular study suggests that a creative hobby may prevent dementia.

A recent study found that participants who engage in such activities as pottery, quilting, painting and drawing were nearly 75 percent less likely to develop slower cognitive functions.

Picking up a book may also increase your chances of focusing better and living longer. Reading provides several advantages to cognitive health.

Commit To Fitness

Research has shown a clear connection between physical fitness and your ability to learn. It suggests that the more you exercise, the more your brain grows. As your brain grows, its ability to adapt to new experiences increases.

Research has also shown that exercise increases mental agility.

Think About Food

Your brain is one of the organs with the largest amounts of fats. So eating foods loaded with healthy fats is essential in nourishing your brain. One study suggests that good nutrition is crucial to help stave off depression.

You should be eating your fair share of fish, beans, leafy vegetables and nuts as they are rich in the fatty acids you need to keep your brain healthy and your mood happy.

Get Some Sleep

When you get the proper amount of sleep every night, you just might enjoy improved memory. And just because you are getting older that doesn't mean you need less sleep; so dispel that myth.

Create an atmosphere in which you can achieve high-quality sleep. If you need earplugs and dark curtains, then go for it. You should also avoid bright screens right before bedtime, so turn the television off early.

Drink Up

Caffeine may protect your memory and improve your focus, so it is cool to start your day with a cup of coffee. Just limit how much you drink as if you go overboard, it could hurt your cognitive performance.

Kick Out The Jams

Listening to music can lead to enhanced cognitive performance. So it is quite alright to listen to music while you are at work. Research shows that songs with a repetitive nature and simple structure can help you stay focused on the task at hand.

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