​Rhodiola Rosea and the Joys of Camping


Camping is an enjoyable activity that you can do on your own, with your friends or with your family. The fun you enjoy going camping should be reason enough to want to go more often. Unfortunately, not everybody is into camping, for whatever reason.

Those who enjoy camping go for many different reasons. Some people enjoy camping activities like hiking and swimming. Other people enjoy the foods you make while you are camping. And some people just love being at one with nature for a few days.

The great thing about camping that a lot of people ignore is the fact that it offers a number of health benefits. That’s right. In fact, camping offers health benefits that could extend your life. No kidding.

Ameriden, your source for Rhodiola Rosea, offers the health benefits of camping.

Deep Breaths of Fresh Air

Forget about the polluted air you breathe on your commute to work. Go on a camping trip and you will spend your time inhaling fresh air.

Do you know how they say adding plants in your home or office will make you happier and feel healthier? Well, there is no shortage of plants in the woods. With all of the green around you, you take a deep breath and immediately feel happier and healthier.

Strong Bonds

Camping is fun and healthy whether you go with close friends or family. A camping trip is a great time to repair broken bonds, catch up on life and grow closer to the people you care about.

Think about all of the people you communicate with on a daily basis, it is likely many of those connections are through your smartphone. That is, you are either texting others, emailing them or talking to them on the phone. Face to face communication is a dying form.

Forget about your electronic devices for a bit and spend some quality time with family members or friends having important conversations face-to-face.

Soak Up That Vitamin D

When you are surrounded by nature, you can’t help but spend plenty of time under the sun. As you hike, swim and so all of the other outdoor activities people do when they go camping, you soak up plenty of vitamin D that your body needs for a healthy glow.

Restful Sleep

Camping gives you the opportunity to get plenty of restful sleep. There are a number of reasons many people don’t get quality sleep at night. It could be because many of us sleep under artificial light sources or have phones buzzing and blinking in the middle of the night.

And it doesn’t help if you are watching television or scrolling websites before you go to bed.

You see, camping isn’t about any of that. In fact, the idea behind camping is to get away from all of your modern vices.

With all of the activities you will be engaged in during the day, sleep comes easy for your tired body.

Healthy Meals

When you are camping, you aren’t indulging in impulse eating. Think about it, you aren’t packing several bags of potato chips for your camping trip. You also aren’t deep frying fries for your dinner.

What you are doing while camping is grilling your food and eating what is available to you, which includes vegetables and fruits.

Reduced Stress

When you go camping, you find yourself far away from many sources of stress including work, co-workers, lines at the grocery store and traffic. Even using your smartphone all the time is a source of stress.

Taking a break from blinking lights, honking horns and ringing phones is a great way to reduce your stress. It will also give you the opportunity to connect with the people around you.

Improved Mood

With the reduced stress comes a better mood. Doing the things you love, like hiking, swimming and cooking over an open flame, is a good mood booster.

If you aren’t scrambling to answer the phone, finish that email or get to a meeting on time, you are spending your energy in a more positive way and that will put a smile on your face.

Ameriden offers products that will help keep your mind clear and reduce stress so you can enjoy your camping trip. Check them out today.