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Rhodiola Rosea Benefits

19th Aug 2021

Rhodiola rosea grows in cold mountainous regions in Asia and Europe which is why it’s also known as the Arctic root. Chinese emperors called this herb the gold root and have been using the plant for its health benefits. But it was the Russian scientists who proved just how beneficial the root extract can be by testing it on athletes and cosmonauts.

It's not surprising why the Fallbrook, California-based premium supplement manufacturer Ameriden offers health supplements containing rhodiola rosea extract wherever you are in the US.

Increased Resistance Against Stress

Rhodiola is an adaptogen which means that it can increase your body’s ability to handle stressful situations. Taking extract may improve your resistance against fatigue, exhaustion, and anxiety due to stress. If your stress response is binge eating, then rhodiola rosea may also help. Studies have shown that rhodiola rosea can reduce binge eating when you’re under intense stress.

Improves Performance

Adding to the list of rhodiola rosea benefits is improved performance for both mental and physical tasks.

Studies on rhodiola revealed that the root extract could improve performance on mental tasks. It is also effective in reducing stress-related fatigue and improves your concentration.

Another study looked into the herb's ability to boost exercise performance. Based on the results, the extract reduces perceived exertion which could allow you to work out longer and harder.

Reduced Symptoms of Depression

Taking antidepressants is not new. Maybe you or someone close to you is taking medication. While there are many prescriptions for anxiety and depression, patients find the side effects challenging.

Rhodiola rosea has milder side effects when taken in supplement form. One study found rhodiola rosea to be effective in mild to moderate depressions.

If you’re feeling stressed out, anxious, or depressed, and you think natural supplementation is the answer, rhodiola rosea could provide the support you need.

Rhodiola rosea extract may provide the support you need in battling mental health issues with milder side effects compared to antidepressants. It could also boost exercise performance, improve your immunity and heart health. Whether you are in Fallbrook or anywhere in the country, you can enjoy the benefits of rhodiola rosea extract in supplement form through Ameriden.