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Rhodiola Rosea Supplements and Healthy Spring Activities

Rhodiola Rosea Supplements and Healthy Spring Activities

22nd Apr 2019

Congratulations, you have survived yet another winter. After several months of short days, cold temperatures and lousy weather, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing that longer days, sunshine and warmth are finally here.

Spring is the time of year when you can wear a light jacket instead of being bundled up from head to toe. And you can leave your hat, gloves, scarves and snowshoes at home.

Spring is the perfect time to commit to healthy activities. As the weather improves, bringing a fresh dose of fauna and flora, the outdoors becomes your personal gym. You are no longer a slave to snow and cold temperatures, so take this opportunity to enjoy new outdoor activities.

Ameriden, your source for Rhodiola Rosea, offers healthy spring activities.

Clean Up

When winter does finally end, it has left a good deal of wreckage in its wake. In other words, your yard is probably a mess.

We suggest you gather up the family and spend the weekend working together to get your yard all spiffed up. As much as you hate raking, weeding and trimming, it’s a workout great for heart health.

Plant Your Dinner

Once your outdoor space has been cleaned up, plot out some square footage for a vegetable garden. Not only is a vegetable garden a great healthy lifestyle to teach the family, but it also gives family members an exercise in responsibility. After all, those weeds aren’t going to pull themselves.

For inspiration, pay a visit to your local nursery or garden center and stock up on the tools and seeds you will need.

Go For a Bike Ride

It is said they you never forget how to ride a bike. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to climb aboard your two-wheeler and enjoy the health benefits of bike riding.

In addition to being fun, socially orientated and an outdoor activity, biking has numerous physical benefits. Pushing those pedals provides an excellent aerobic workout that is great for your heart, blood vessels and your brain.

Aerobic exercise also triggers the release of endorphins, your body’s feel-good chemicals, which makes you happy to be riding a bike.

Cycling also builds muscles. But best of all, bike riding is easy on your joints.

Take a Hike

Hiking takes a bit more planning than does your neighborhood stroll, but it is well worth the effort.

In addition to being a great form of exercise, hiking also holds the benefits of offering picturesque scenery and fresh air.

Take Up a Sport

You don’t have to become a professional baseball player to be athletically inclined. You can get a great workout visiting the batting cages once or twice a week.

Throwing a disc into a basket is also considered a sport. Disc golf is fun and healthy. Everything from tennis to horseshoes is considered sports and count as healthy exercise.

Spring Cleaning

You have probably spent the last few months collapsed on the couch binge-watching shows on Netflix. If you take a good look around your home, the signs of neglect are everywhere.

In addition to crumbs and other food particles wedged between furniture cushions, your interior has suffered plenty of neglect over the winter. It is quite obvious your home could use a good spring cleaning.

In addition to leaving your home fresh and uncluttered, spring cleaning holds health benefits as well. Cleaning burns calories, which can help you lose weight. This means you can shed the weight needed to fit into your swimwear.

A cluttered and dirty home might also leave you a bit depressed. Cleaning your home will boost your mood.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

Even if you did plant a garden this year, you will have to wait a bit for your tasty rewards. In the meantime, visit your local farmer’s market for fresh and healthy foods. There are a lot of healthy ways you can prepare fresh fruits and vegetables.

Walk the Dog

Your dog is probably eager to get outside and run through the park. After being cooped up all winter, your dog is ready for some outdoor activities too. Taking Fido to the park benefits you as well.

It is also a good idea to take supplements on a regular basis in addition to a healthy diet. Check out what Ameriden has to offer today.