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Rhodiola Rosea Supplements and Staying Safe


There is a lot to be worried about right now in this country. There is a chance that you could come down with this terrible virus.

In the last few weeks, things have changed dramatically. All of our lives have been disrupted at least to a certain extent. People are being more cautious than ever.

Experts agree that we all need to take certain precautions during this troublesome period of time. You can better protect yourself and your family by following a few simple steps. Ameriden, your source for Rhodiola Rosea supplements, offers tips to follow to stay healthy in this time of crisis.


Keep Your House Clean

It is important in times like this that you do your best to keep your house as clean as possible. You should be keeping things like appliances and tables wiped down as often as possible. Don’t forget to wipe down items like toys, doorknobs and stair railings. You need to pay attention to high-traffic areas as well.

Avoid Crowds

Do your best to avoid confined places where people tend to gather like the gym or the bus. It is far better to just stay home and utilize Netflix in this type of situation. If at all possible, limit the places you go to.

Keep Moving

It is more important than ever that you don’t spend too much time inside sitting on the couch. You need to make the effort to get outside and get some exercise. Exercise is one of the best ways to boost your immune system. So it is critical that you keep as busy as possible.

Exercising outside will also give you the opportunity to get some fresh air and a shot of vitamin D.

Change Clothes

When you get home from your walk or the grocery store, you should change your clothes just to be sure. The same holds true to other family members. You don’t want to take any chances.

Take Off Your Shoes

In order to prevent dragging in bacteria and germs from outdoors inside, take your shoes off when entering your home and leave them at the front or back door. You should do the same with backpacks, lunch boxes and other gear you carry with you when running errands.

Stock Up

Since you will be stuck at home and you won’t want to risk going out for things often, stock up on the food and supplies you need right now. There is no need to horde food and supplies, just get enough to hold you over for a few weeks.

Stock up on things like canned goods, non-perishable food and medications.

No Touching

During these troubled times, avoid human contact as much as possible. This means no hugging, handshakes or even high-fives. What you can do is touch elbows. If you have children, now is the time to talk to them about touching other people. It is important that they listen and learn.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a great thing to have and use. However, you don’t want to rely too heavily on it. Sanitizer is effective and it will protect you, but you don’t want to replace it with washing your hands. It is still a better idea to wash your hands if at all possible.

Stop Watching the News

Anxiety and panic sets in every time you switch on the news to get an update. In the evening when the family is together, this is the time to turn off all electronics and talk about things that are cheerful and happy. You could even break out the board games.

Stay safe and healthy and visit our website.

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