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Top 5 Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

Top 5 Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea

21st Jan 2020

Everyone wants that cure-all health supplement, a simple way to ease pain naturally and to help us live longer, healthier, and happier lives. And while we’re still searching for a single method for doing all of these things, researchers and patients alike are becoming encouraged by various natural remedies. Acai berries were considered gold for a time, green tea, turmeric, garlic, echinacea, and honey all have wonderful properties and healing benefits for a variety of ailments. But not many people have heard of the wonders of rhodiola rosea extract. 

What is Rhodiola Rosea Extract?

Like many of the natural remedies listed above, rhodiola rosea is a plant whose root can be used as a medicine. Originally found in the arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and Alaska, rhodiola is a yellow flowering plant that looks slightly like a dandelion and has a long history of being used as a natural supplement to help treat and heal various issues. Even though this plant has a lot of researchers excited about its benefits, more evidence is needed to prove just how effective it is.

What is Rhodiola Rosea Extract Best Known For?

Reduces Stress

Known as an adaptogen, rhodiola extract can help build up the body’s defenses against stress, naturally helping the body adapt in certain stressful situations or environments. If you go into meetings at work feeling tense, or if you feel stressed driving on the highway, taking rhodiola rosea extract may help your body adapt and feel more at ease. In one study completed in 2001, Gregory S. Kelly found that the plant helped produce positive outcomes in a variety of areas of physiological functions and central nervous system activity.

Increases Performance

There have been several studies performed that look at the plant’s ability to increase physical performance and help reduce mental fatigue. From a study completed in 2009, women who were given a dose of rhodiola rosea extract were found to have increased endurance during physical exercise. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who simply wants to get a better workout, this natural supplement may be able to help.

Reduces Depression and Anxiety

There are various prescription medications available for depression and anxiety, but a significant challenge faces many patients in the form of medication side effects. With a natural alternative remedy like rhodiola rosea extract, there is hope. A study completed in Phytomedicine found that the extract helped reduce symptoms of depression and with milder side effects. Another study found that the medicine may provide some relief to those suffering from mild to moderate depression.

Helps With Binge Eating

If you struggle with overeating when you feel stressed or depressed, taking rhodiola rosea extract may provide some relief. By moderating stress responses in the body, rhodiola can reduce the risk of binge eating when under intense stress. This study published in Physiology & Behavior gave rats a dose of rhodiola rosea that included 3.12 percent salidroside, a glucoside found in rhodiola that is known for its antidepressant properties.


Along with a cure-all for diseases and ailments, we’re all looking for a supplement that can help prevent certain issues that occur due to aging. A study published in 2017 looked at how rhodiola rosea extract extended the life of fruit flies, worms, and yeast. The extract also delayed decreased physical activity levels that often occur due to age, as well as a decrease in immune functions and stress resistance.

Even though there is much more research that needs to be done, there is evidence that rhodiola rosea extract offers users a variety of benefits and healing properties. If you’re looking for a natural supplement to help increase energy, reduce stress, depression, and even help you lose weight, Ameriden offers a collection of supplements to choose from.

Rosavin 100 mg and Rosavin Plus 150 mg can help both men and women get the support they need for healthy and happier lives. Ameriden is dedicated to providing our patients with high-quality rhodiola rosea extract at affordable prices. When you would rather take natural supplements instead of prescription medication that can produce unwanted side effects, Ameriden International has what you need for a variety of ailments. Give your body what it needs to start adapting to stressful situations and environments. Shop Ameriden for natural health supplements.