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​Online Health Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

​Online Health Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

9th Jan 2018

Dropping 10 pounds might not seem like very much, especially if you have more you need to lose. But there are plenty of studies out there that have looked at people who lost just 10 pounds and they found that dropping even just a little weight can have huge consequences.

And the benefits of losing just 10 pounds is much more than just a belt adjustment or moving down a pant size. Losing 10 pounds will result in you feeling better and possibly living longer. These are great reasons to visit Ameriden for online health supplements that help control weight.

So if you think that putting forth the time and energy just to shed a few pounds isn't worth it, think again. Here are just a few benefits you stand to gain when losing just 10 pounds.

Give Your Joints a Break

Just 10 extra pounds on your body adds 40 pounds of pressure to your knees and other lower body joints. This certainly will wear them out quicker. And while you probably aren't thinking about your joints when you are young, your joints will become a major factor as you age.

Excess weight can also put more wear and tear on knee cartilage, which can lead to a painful condition called osteoarthritis. Losing just 10 pounds can decrease the likelihood you will suffer this condition by more than 50 percent.

Improve Your Mood

According to studies, obese adults who shed just 10 pounds reported better sleep and improved moods within six months. This new and improved change in mood might be due to the weight loss, but the study also showed that these individuals who lost 10 pounds also slept longer at night. This also might be the reason they feel so good about themselves.

Either way, the bottom line is that it really doesn't matter what makes you happier, it’s just important to be happier.

Prevent Diabetes

There are some people who are more likely to get diabetes and weight loss is one way to prevent or delay it. Losing just 10 pounds can help prevent this disease. If you already suffer diabetes, losing 10 pounds will help keep your blood sugar level under control, may help you take less medication and lower the risk that the disease will cause other health issues.

Bump That Good Cholesterol

You are able to lower the bad cholesterol through medications and a healthy diet, but it is more difficult to raise the levels of the good cholesterol that your body needs. Losing 10 pounds means you lose body fat, which helps raise the levels of good cholesterol in your blood and lowers the risk of having heart disease.

Ease Blood Pressure

Any extra body weight you have makes your blood push harder against your artery walls, which make your heart have to work harder as well. But you can lower your blood pressure by making healthy food choices, reducing your intake of salt and losing just 10 pounds.

Cut Your Risk of Cancer

That extra body weight you carry around raises the odds you will have cancer. This includes a higher risk of cervix cancer, kidney cancer and liver cancer.

There is no clear proof that losing 10 pounds will protect you from this disease, but the changes that happen when people lose weight hint that it just might.

Sleep Better and Longer

When you lose weight, even 10 pounds, don’t be surprised if you sleep longer and enjoy a better quality of sleep. There is one study that showed people who lost weight slept an extra 22 minutes every night.

Fight Inflammation

Fat cells release chemicals that irritate and inflame the tissue around them. This is directly linked to health issues like heart disease, arthritis and strokes. But by losing 10 pounds, you lower the amount of these substances and therefore cut your chances of suffering a serious health issue.

More Sex

Losing just 10 pounds will give you a whole different perspective about your own body. You will look better, feel better and probably be in the mood more often.

These are all very good reasons to put forth the effort to lose just 10 pounds or even more. Ameriden can help with a full line of supplements to help you with weight control and other health issues. Visit our website today.