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Online Supplements Help With Spring Activities

27th Feb 2018

Spring is finally near. In fact, there are some days you can almost taste it. The days are starting to get longer, the weather is starting to warm up and if you aren’t mistaken, you may have seen the first robin of the year the other day.

Of course, there is much to do to prepare for the new beginning that comes with spring, but you have run into a wall. You see, you have just spent all winter in a virtual state of hibernation. That is, you have been planted on your couch the last four months feeling sorry for yourself.

In addition to overindulging in holiday meals, you have stuffed your face with all sorts of snacks while buried under the covers on the couch binge watching shows on Netflix. You are so out of shape, and it shows. Not so much in the sense that you have gained a lot of weight, but you have very low levels of energy.

Now, that is not to say you couldn't stand to lose a pound or two. You accidentally stepped on the scale just the other day and it was cause for a bit of concern. After all, spring is almost here and you will be wearing lighter, more revealing clothing.

What you need are a few online supplements from Ameriden to help with weight control and give you the energy you need to enjoy these spring activities.

Spring Cleaning

Before you get all excited about the things you want to do in the spring now that the weather is getting better, remember that you will want to get your chores out of the way first. After all, you just sent four months locked away in your home and it is a mess to be sure.

We imagine it will take at least all morning just to vacuum the cookie and potato chip crumbs from the carpeting. And your refrigerator could use a really good cleaning as well.

Hit the Trails

Whether you love to hike or you have a mountain bike that has been holed up in the garage all winter, spring is the perfect time to hit a mountain trail. So dust off your hiking shoes and air up your bike tires because spring gives you the opportunity to enjoy life on a nature trail getting exercise and soaking up that vitamin D.

Enjoy an Outdoor Music Festival

Spring brings with it a number of bands and other musicians who will be playing outdoor venues this year. Even if you aren't close to an outdoor venue like Red Rocks, Gorge Amphitheater or Jay Pritzker Pavilion, you can catch some awesome karaoke at your local pub with outdoor seating.

Buy Baseball Tickets

Whether you are a fan of the sport or not, attending a baseball game should be a right of passage to welcome the spring season.

Play a Round of Golf

There is nothing quite like teeing off on a beautiful golf course with the morning sun on your back. Getting exercise on a picturesque golf course is a great way to welcome spring.

If you aren’t really into golf, it is quite acceptable to hit the local putt-putt golf course.

Visit a Nursery

After a long and cold winter, your yard could probably use some beautification. You could run to your local big box store and buy plants and such, but a better idea would be to pay a visit to a nursery.

Your local big box store doesn't offer the flowers, shrubs and trees that your nursery will and they have people there who can offer advice and tips.

Take a Road Trip

You have been cooped up in your home all winter staring at the same scenery. Spring allows you to pack a few necessities and take a road trip. It doesn’t have to be for a week, a two or three-day road trip is just fine.

There is no need to choose an exotic location like a famous city or fancy resort, a quick trip to a neighboring city works just as well. The point is to go outside your comfort zone and explore what you have been missing all winter.

Of course, you won’t want to be feeling fatigued and tired while engaging in your spring activities. Visit Ameriden for supplements that can help.