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Our Online Health Store Discusses The Seven Most Stressful Careers

Posted by Ameriden International on 20th Dec 2017

Without a doubt, our fast-paced society stresses out far too many people. One of the major sources of stress lies in the workplace. With the evolution of technology, people are often expected to work long after they have left the office for the day. However, some jobs are far more stressful than others. What are some of the most stressful careers in our country?


You may think that teachers have a pretty good setup since they have summers and most major holidays off. However, they often put in far more than eight hours of work each day, staying late to grade papers, help students and meet with parents. Unfortunately, teachers aren’t paid that much, but they often foot the bill for vital school supplies.

Social Worker

People often enter the social worker field in an effort to make a difference in the lives of others. However, social workers are often thrown into high-stress situations such as abusive households. They may witness truly traumatic acts of violence and family dysfunction. Unfortunately, for all the good work they do, they aren’t paid much and the programs they work for are often underfunded.


Newspaper Reporter

Today’s climate is absolutely contentious for newspaper reporters as their credibility is routinely denied by government officials. Because newspapers don’t generate the revenue they once did, reporters are paid very little. However, they work long, unpredictable hours covering the latest news and essentially are always on duty to report on the latest events.

Emergency Dispatcher

If you are in a life and death emergency, the first person you talk to is the emergency dispatcher on the phone. Their job is to locate your address so they can send help to you and also to provide you with any life saving information such as CPR or dressing a critical wound. Any little mistake they make could result in fatalities, which is why this is such a stressful job.

ER Nurse

Have you ever had the misfortune of visiting the emergency room? You may notice that you typically only spend a few minutes with a doctor, but you spend far more time with the nurses. The nurses do the dirty work, and they’ve seen it all. Unfortunately, these workers witness trauma throughout every shift and one small mistake could result in a catastrophe.

Police Officer

Can you imagine putting your life on the line every day you show up for work? That’s exactly what police officers do. It’s quite common for perpetrators to act openly hostile to police and try to injure and even kill them. Oftentimes, the police are the first to arrive to a domestic violence scene, where both parties could turn on them. With low pay and long hours, this job can take its toll on your health.


Not only do military members undergo an extremely intense training program, they are often shipped out into foreign countries where they are routinely placed in life-threatening danger. The military can be exposed to extremely traumatic and violent situations frequently and be forced to kill people. Once they return home, they often have to deal with PTSD and recover from extreme injuries.

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