​Rhodiola Rosea Supplements and Going Organic


Your great-great-grandparents subsisted on an organic diet. They lived their lives free from synthetic fertilizers, GMOs, pesticides and herbicides because these just did not exist at the time.

The last century has seen a huge change in farming practices. These changes were thought to be great at the time and they changed the way we ate food. But now we realize that you cannot expect to fuel your body with foods that are laced with toxic chemicals and come away unscathed. There are consequences in maintaining such a diet.

There is no good reason to eat foods laced with chemicals that your body doesn’t recognize. Ameriden, your source for Rhodiola Rosea supplements, offers reasons to eat organic.

Avoid Chemicals

Eating organic foods is about the best way to avoid the chemical poisons present in commercially grown foods. There are more than 600 active chemicals that are registered in the United States for agricultural use. This equals about 16 pounds of chemicals per person per year.

Research shows that about 90 percent of the chemicals you find in your food has not been tested for long-term health effects before being deemed safe.

More Nutrients

Organically-grown foods have more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients than commercially-grown foods. One study shows that organically-grown vegetables provide adequate allowances of vitamin C, while conventionally-grown vegetables laced with chemicals do not.

Tastes Better

Generally speaking, organic foods taste better because they are better nourished in balanced soil.

Maintains Healthy Soil

The choices you make at the grocery store not only dictate your health, but they also dictate the overall health of the earth. The chemicals that are sprayed on non-organic foods are toxic and basically kill everything except the plant itself. This includes the living organisms that help plants grow and keep the soil rich with nutrients.

Animal Welfare

Livestock raised organically have access to the outdoors and they have enough room to graze, move around and develop. Conventional farm factories use genetically engineered crops to fatten animals up for slaughter.

Livestock raised organically have access to the foods they are supposed to eat and are not fed a diet of GMO corn. Mistreated and unhealthy animals account for a significant percentage of food-borne illnesses.

Heart Health

Animals that graze on grass show an increased amount of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) in their products. CLA is a fatty acid that can boost cardiovascular protection. It can be found in breast milk and in the meats from animals that were raised cage-free on a free range.

Antibiotic Resistance

We take every precaution to make sure we remain healthy. This means when something makes us ill, we may take something to make us better, like an antibiotic for example. However, non-organic farms often use antibiotics to feed their animals. This extra dose of antibiotics you get through consuming these animals may actually weaken your immune system by basically overdosing it on antibiotics.

Ameriden is dedicated to offering only those products that contain unblemished botanicals sourced from around the globe, never compromising purity or potency. Protecting our environmental resources and developing effective products that provide unparalleled health and longevity is paramount to us.